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The Bankruptcy Law Group at Robert H. Johnson, LLC specializes in all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency law. We have extensive experience representing individuals, corporations and trustees. We work with our clients in a respectful and confidential manner and offer a free consultation to anyone who may be considering bankruptcy or has questions regarding the process. Learn about how the current bankruptcy laws can protect you and your family.Let’s face it. You do not want to be on this site. There is a certain stigma, however undeserving, associated with bankruptcy and unfortunately, this holds many people back from what may be the most appropriate and effective answer to their problems. With mounting costs and a sluggish economy, individuals and families today are feeling the financial pressure from investments and everyday expenses. Bills, medical costs, mortgages and everyday living expenses are placing great strain on families and may seem impossible to pay. This pressure can affect the quality of your life and even affect your future ability to make money. Misfortune happens to good people, and the Bankruptcy Code is a set of federal laws created to provide a resolution to difficult financial situations.

We are a federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Laws. We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, assisting them with the filing of petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.



IndividualsPersonal Attention

BusinessRepresentation and Defense

Fiduciary and TrusteesVast Experience


Step 1: Request a Lawyer & Consultation:

Send Your Request: Upon receiving your request, we review the information you have provided and set a date and time with you to meet in person or speak on the phone.
Our Consultation: We will make sure you understand your options, and what the best steps are for your case moving forward. At the conclusion of our meeting you will be fully aware of how we are taking positive steps to establishing future financial stability.


Step 2: If Bankruptcy is needed:

We know that while every bankruptcy proceeding is unique, most people feel intimidated when filing. The paperwork involved in bankruptcy cases can be quite confusing, and, more often than not, your creditors will have teams of lawyers behind them. Our objective is to make the bankruptcy process as simple and painless as possible by preparing, reviewing and filing your petition and schedules with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.



Step 3: Regaining control of your finances and getting a fresh start!

Interacting with the trustee and creditors in connection with this proceeding will help regain control of your finances.

We are here to keep you informed of progress and developments, and will quickly respond to your inquiries.

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My firm specializes in all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency law. I have extensive experience representing individuals, corporations and trustees which gives me the edge in representing my clients.